DNS Blacklist – dnsbl.tornevall.org ?

Since many of you visitors actually asked for it: Yes, it's still there. We are still alive. We are however a little bit delayed in our process. We're working on moving everything to the same domain, since SSL certificates cost. Having more than one wildcard certificate is way too inefficient - and that's why dnsbl.tornevall.org has been removed from our roadmap - for now. So for the moment, all requests are handled manually: Removal requests can be sent to support@tornevall.net. Our primary SLA on this case is high, so hopefully you'll get a response as soon as possible (normally immediately up to 12 hours).

Our apologies

It's a bit messy here right now, and has been since december 2015 - when our primary server died in a power failure. The server we're using is a highly temporary solution, while we're waiting to move out to a better place.

So, to answer your question: We're still alive - we're just reorganizing. Take a look at this link, to get more information.